Ibn e Arabi’s Cosmological Concept


What current scientific world is discovering especially the cosmology, Ibn e Arabi (rehmat ullah alaih)explained a thousand years ago in his book Fatoohat e Makkiya. A really complex book in Arabic but one of its kind. He discusses not only the inception of the universe but also what ALLAH made before it. The Aqal-e-Awwal what scientists call now as the great intellect of the universe. And Islam calls it AL Qalam The Pen.
He explains that it was a soul on which ALLAH bestowed the epiphany (tajjali) of his attribute of AL ALEEM and told everything which was to be. Then ALLAH created the soul of universe and the Pen wrote everything on the soul which was to be.
Ibn e Arabi calls the universe as one single organism which has a soul and calls it Insan e kabeer the great human and narrates that the structure of the universe; physical and metaphysical, is same as insaan e sagheer the humans. Hence the universe and humans are a copy in larger and minute scales which we would discuss further.

Scientific discoveries, theories like quantum theory, string theory, super string theory, particle theory, wave theory mostly find their strings attached to Ibn e Arabi’s knowledge and metaphysical experiences. The contemporary theories are mostly at loggerheads with each other due to strict material perspectives and other restrictions. Ibn e Arabi presented a very ultra modern perspective of cosmology. Apart from that he also elaborates the base particles of the matter and universe i.e the single monad. Everything is a composition of it.
everything is us and we are everything
He also states that a monad is a circle of vibrations and waves which vibrate at certain frequency which is the frequency of the Asma ul Hussna of the most Merciful. Hence vibration causes sound and ALLAH says everything in the universe is in constant remembrance of Allah but you can’t perceive it.

Apart from these Ibn e Arabi also put forward an appalling concept of ever-renewed creation at every moment. Although quite an intricate concept yet a little understanding of these opens up new vistas and changes one’s perceptive of looking at the universe and life.

Also he accentuated that Time is a cognitive construction and holds no real existence. For space only exists but time is only a noetic model of human brain to measure events. Many chapters were given to this topic so not much can be explained in this piece of writing.
His writings and experiences consist of 37 hefty volumes in Arabic.
One gets astounded by such profound knowledge and intellect. We must return to our intellectual heritage.

Please don’t make your children robots and dumb by the phoney educational systems but impart them the real intellect. Dont make them run in the race of grades and degrees. Who knows there could be another Ibn e Arabi hidden among them.

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