Improvise and Create your Own Reality

Written By: Syed Hasan Siraj

We mustn’t accept the reality presented to us for it is always engineered by others. We must create our own realities. The world has an infinite potential to have infinite realities. Every century has its own spirit or the appropriated zeitgeist and the century we are presented with is that of the advancement of matter. Not that of intellect or spirituality. We can say that we have a bit more understanding of the material interactions but devoid of the spiritual intellect. The word "wijdaan” in Urdu can’t be translated into English very effectively with its true spirit. The spiritual intellect is a four-dimensional phenomenon. While the understanding of matter is just a linear and a three-dimensional thing. And yet this very century boasts itself on the spectrum of time and belittles all the eons which are full of spiritual intellect (wijdaan). So naive are the people of this century who are duped into thinking that they are the most learned and advanced. Surely, they have advanced only in one dimension of matter but have lost the multi-faceted dimension of spirituality. The understanding of matter is through observation. While

Wijdaan is always bestowed by a higher power. The One who creates is the One who bestows.

Soon, as it is designed to be, the human nature will gravitate back towards its spiritual dimension and this little spark of materialism will be relegated to the well-deserved oblivion. The real teachers who unravel the secrets of "self” are the saints (awliya) who extracted these secrets from the primordial knowledge of Prophets. They are the guardians of the truth; the Haqq.

Let’s cleave this artificial reality concocted by the secular minds of single dimension and follow the reality of Haqq…. The One… The omnipotent the Omniscient…. This is the true song of being… The true music of love that reverberated in the intoxicated voice of Mansoor Hallaj or in the selfless "fanna” of Baayazid Bustaami. The fervid ululation of Rumi in the Forrest of Qoniya were the confidant of the secret of Haqq, that meta morphed and manifested themselves into "Masnavi Ma’anvi”. The philosophy of Ghazali was also the wielder of this secret of Haqq. This secret was passed to all the saints of the world by the one for whom the universe came into being. The last of the Prophets. The Holy of the Holiest, the one and only, after whom the process and routine of appointing Prophets and Messengers by Almighty One has been terminated, finished, ended, stopped, and sealed. None will be appointed as Prophet after Hazrat Muhammad (ﷺ). His Prophet hood will continue until the doom’s day and even afterwards. This secret is the only truth. The secret to eternal love of Haqq. This love is the secret wine of which the Rumi talks, which made Mansoor hang to the gallows pole. It is this love and the yearning that awakens a lover at night:

ہجر والوں کے ہاں نہیں پہنچی

نیند  رستے   میں  سو  گئی  شاید

It’s is this wine that intoxicated the quartets of Omer Khayyam:

Khayyam, if you are intoxicated with wine, enjoy!

If you are seated with a lover of thine, enjoy!

In the end, the Void the whole world employ

Imagine thou art not while waiting in line, enjoy!

This love has transcended the temporal and spatial bounds. The love for Haqq….

Cleave the reality presented by the astray…

For then you’ll have the reality of self and then to the Haqq through the path of love, guided by awliya, under the keen sight of the Last Prophet sallalla Hu alaihe wasallam. For he is the mirror of reality and the sun that shines above all the creations of Allah, the Haqq. This sun enlightens the one who seeks…. For he; Rasool Ullah sallalla Hu alaihe wasallam holds the keys of Shariya, Tariqat and haqeeqat….

Do you seek reality?

Seek it from him.

Sallalla Hu alaihe wasallam

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